Using Auth0 as third party


I’m a complete newbie regarding Auth0 but am slowly learning and appreciating the ease of use that Auth0 brings. Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I could not find any when searching.

We are using a business application that recently changed their auth to Auth0. This application is central to our business, and we have several services and applications that integrates with this main application. All our users now have an Auth0 account. How can we ask the company that develops the main application to get access to our users accounts in their Auth0 domain? Been looking at third-party applications and I think that would solve everything but the responsible company is either reluctant or possible not understanding what we need.

For now, it’s a WordPress site, a Blazor app and a couple of APIs that now requires users to have many accounts, and we would like to offer them one account to rule them all through the accounts already created for access to the main application.

I’m I asking too much of the partner company? Or would it be an easy task for them to grant us this?

// Newbie

Hi @newbie

If I understand correctly, you can ask the application company to create a federated connection to your IDP (which is also an Auth0 IDP). Then they configure their application to also use this connection.

It may or may not be easy for the partner company, depending on if they are set up for B2B connections.