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Looking for developer to integrate Auth0 with WordPress



In the process of building a Wordpress site where I need to integrate Auth0 into it.
Looking for developers to have experience with Auth0 and WordPress.

Feel free to PM me.


Although this is indeed a good place for reaching developers that have experience with Auth0 it’s also probably true that they are probably here more for the technical discussion and getting or providing help to/from others rather than looking for contracting services.

The authentication/authorization services provided by Auth0 follow standard industry protocols like OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth2 so you may have more luck finding what you’re looking for in sites that offer specialized contracting services. You should not need to require extensive Auth0 experience as a developer with knowledge on OIDC/OAuth2 and PHP/Wordpress should be comfortable doing that integration.


Thanks mate. Appreciate it. Wasn’t sure where to look.


Hello Trent,
If you are still looking for some help, please reach out to me via email, We have been using Auth0 for quite a while now with a big corporate client and we have also set it up for WP.

Erik Jessen
Owner- Amari Consulting, LLC


Thanks mate. Appreciate it. Wasn’t sure where to look.