Share login with non-Auth0 sites?


Our WordPress site uses Auth0 via the plugin. If we want to partner with other non-WordPress sites, is it possible to setup some sort of shared login even if the other sites don’t use Auth0?

Desired user flow:

  • A user visits partner site and is logged in with the partner’s own email/password authentication.
  • The user clicks a link to visit our WordPress site that uses Auth0.
  • The user is either… A) recognized as coming from this known partner site and is automatically logged in, or B) able to login using the same credentials as the partner’s site.

Thank you.

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Hello! Welcome to our community.

Unfortunately, it is not an implementation possible unless both sites share the IdP.

Additionally, the B) is a viable option but you would have to access to the IdP of the partner site. You could do that with a custom database if they are using a database or federate the login with a protocol that we support (SAML, OIDC).

Thank you.

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