Username Password Connection not Available in the Login Page after Deactivating Passwordless Connection

Problem Statement:

We deactivated the Passwordless connection for a given app. After the change, users don’t see the user/email prompts for the database connection on the login page, only the Social. Here are the steps of what we did:

  1. Activate any Passwordless connection
  2. Activate any Social connection
  3. Activate a database connection
  4. Change customized Login page to template “Lock (passwordless)”
  5. Open login and see the email prompt only or telephone number (only one will show)
  6. Deactivate the passwordless connection
  7. Open login again and see that only Social connection is shown


Currently, hosted Passwordless login only works with classic UL (Lock + Passwordless), which will not allow database connections simultaneously (email/username + password). But it allows Social or Enterprise connections.

To solve this, change the template to be other than Lock (passwordless), save the change, and verify if username/email and password prompts are present.