User metadata in verification email template is empty


I’m trying to implement the following scenario:
Application admin creates new users(via management API), user receives invitation email with login details, user logs in and changes password.

I couldn’t find proper ‘configuration’ for that case, so I’m trying the following: upon user creation password being added to user_metadata(this part, obviously, works), in email template I’m trying to refer password: {{ user.user_metadata.initialPassword }} but this results in empty string.

(SendGrid is used as an email provider)

So, I’ve got 2 questions:

  1. Am I accessing this variable the wrong way?
  2. Is there any better way to achieve this scenario?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Rasalom,

Welcome to the Community!

Check out this doc about invite only applications, it outlines a strategy that you can take ideas from.

You could also take advantage of this endpoint to initiate a password change:


Hi, Dan. Thanks for your reply.

I’ve checked guides around ‘invite only applicaitions’, but this doesn’t match required scenario, since there is no possibility to send ‘invite link’. Desired scenario:

  • admin creates user
  • user receives email with invitation link/credentials
  • user follows link
  • enters credentials
  • user redirected to password reset page
  • user resets password and logs in

Scenario from guide:

  • admin creates user
  • user receives email with verification link
  • user follows verification link
  • user receives another email, asking to change password
    //it means that user must know that they should open email once again and follow new link
  • user follows link from change password email
  • user resets password

The second one is not really user friendly, as you can see. I understand that second email is ‘required’ because it contains token for password reset, is there a way to have single email for verification/reset?

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