Encourage admin created user to change passwords during email verification

My sales team creates the users for our app in the admin dashboard one week ahead of their first day of use. Tom creates the users and assigns the roles. Later, he turns on the verification email template, goes to Users Management > Users, click on three dots for each user and > Send verification email. In verification email template, we tell the user to click on the “forgot password” in sign in screen to create new password. This is confusing for user.

How can we set it up so when Tom send the verification email, and after user verifies, to send the reset password email? Or is there way to put the reset password link in template of verify email?

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Hi @ita

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but would you like to customize the UX of the verification email that will serve both for Verification and Password reset. For that purpose, our documentation team prepared a guide for Send Email Invitations for Application Signup.

Another approach you can try to implement if the proposed solution wouldn’t work for you, is to create a separate view/subpage and redirect the user after successful verification to the change password view. After filling change password form, with the usage of Management API.

Thanks and I hope it will help you

Hello Dawid,

Thanks for the response.

For the second approach, I would have to implement my own form and use the Management API to reset the user’s password right? This is different from the “Forgot Password” page which is provided by Auth0?

I think the second method seems simpler since there’s no need to configure an external email client which we haven’t got set up,

Hi @ita

Yes, it will differ from the “Forgot Password” page provided by Auth0. I would suggest adding and adjusting to the current application style. This way it will be a seamless transition for the users.


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