User is not defined in non chrome browsers

This is part of my code to create a Strip checkout session, however, I realized that the user is only defined on the chrome browser, on any non-chrome browsers, the user from auth0 is undefined. Is Auth0 not compatible with Safari?

const { user } = useAuth0();

const handleClick = (e) => {

const item = {id: 1, user: user}'/create-checkout-session', item)

.then(res => {
  window.location =
.catch((error) => {
    alert("Create Stripe checkout:" + error);


Hi @erfan.saraj,

This could be a result of 3rd party cookie blocking.

Can you check out this solution?

Oh man, thank you so much, the problem is resolved. Thanks🙏

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Glad we solved it! Cheers

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