Next.js lose useUser() data after refresh a page which contains data of user

Hello, I’m new here. Started to exploring auth0 and I faced a problem when I refresh page where I got user declared with

const { user } = useUser();

and then everytime I refresh the page I lost my session (I don’t know) and then I can’t read values of: user.nickname

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘nickname’)

I turned on refresh token in my auth0 account and then write this in my [...auth].ts file:

import { handleAuth, handleLogin } from '@auth0/nextjs-auth0';

export default handleAuth({
  async login(req, res) {
    try {
      await handleLogin(req, res, {
        authorizationParams: {
          useRefreshTokens: true,
    } catch (error) {
      res.status(error.status || 500).end(error.message);

and it happens again. What I got to do to make it work?

I mean [...auth0].ts