React Auth0 user isn't authenticated after navigating from initial login

I have a React app that uses the auth0-react package and the useAuth0 hook. In my local environment that is using Auth0 dev keys, I can log in and out, and my session persists fine.

In my production instance, once I log in for the first time, I am able to access the user info. But if I try to navigate to another page or refresh, the user’s session is gone, and IsAuthenticated is false.

I have useRefreshToken={true} in my provider and refresh tokens active in my Auth0 dashboard. I have configured my Auth0 config for the app & Google Oauth to have my production URL as an allowed origin and the profile page as a callback URI. Cannot figure out why this is happening. I am using Chrome

  return (
        redirect_uri: redirectUri,

Login method

  const handleLogin = async () => {
    await loginWithRedirect({
      appState: {
        returnTo: "/profile",

my navbar code that shows user on initial login, and gives undefined, false after navigating

  const { user, logout, isLoading, isAuthenticated} = useAuth0();

  console.log(user, isAuthenticated);