unavailable in post-registration hook

This has been reported previously, and marked as fixed. It is currently (July 2019) not working.

The body of a post-registration web hook does not include a value for It doesn’t send a blank or malformed tag, it actively removes the key whose value is set to

So if my webhook definition is: { “id” : , “email” : } the result will be { “email” : “” } The “id” key is gone. is the most valuable part of the webhook , it is essential to get this working again. Thank you.

EDIT: OK, I believe this actually does work correctly in production. The problem may be isolated to webhooks generated by Auth0’s online testing environment.

Thanks a lot @fredrogers for providing that context! I’ll relay it to our extensibility team that is responsible for hooks!

I just tested it and the gets correctly transmitted from the hook.

@fredrogers Just to confirm: you are using the post-registration hook by enabling it under Dashboard > Hooks > Post User Registration right?

The problem may be isolated to webhooks generated by Auth0’s online testing environment.

Are you referring to a different (dev) tenant, or the webtask logs? Not sure what you mean with online “testing environment”. Note though that you cannot console.log anything from a post-registration webhook into the Realtime Webtask Logs, as it’s executed asynchronously, if this is what you mean.

Yes, the page in your image. Click the pencil, that’s the “online testing environment.” On the left you edit the content of the webhook, on the right you can “Run Test.”

As I stated, it does seem to work in production. But when I manually triggerred some webhooks for testing purposes (by clicking the blue “Run” button), they did not include I’m glad it works in production, that’s the main thing. Just made it difficult to get my API to work right.

Got it! You’re right, it’s not in the response (so then just a dev tooling issue, as you say, works in production use). I’ve never used this Runner/Test before myself.

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Hey there @fredrogers!

The team created and merged a PR for that recently:

It should be doable now!


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