Unable to access user.id in post user registration hook

It appears that user.id and user.user_id are both null when referenced from a post user registration hook. I came across this old topic that says a bug was discovered (and squashed) but I am encountering this same issue: Post registration hook - user id. Curious if I am doing something wrong?

Hey there!

Hmm that’s strange as our doc indicates that you should be able to use user object with id parameter like so: user.id:

Can you share a code snippet where you use it?

Hi @konrad.sopala - thanks for the quick response. I think I realize now what I was doing wrong - I am trying to access this parameter in a pre user registration hook. Since the user does not yet exist, it makes sense that this field would not have a value. Wooooops!

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Glad we’ve got it! :slight_smile:

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