User federation, sso

Hi everyone,

I am new on auth0 and wondering about possible solutions of our problem.

We have 3 different enterprise projects written with different technologies.
-Project X
-Spring Boot backend (secured with Oauth2 JWT Token client-credentials,password grant types)
-React FrontEnd
-Project Y
-Spring MVC backend (secured with Oauth2 JWT Token client-credentials,password grant types) and in FrontEnd using Primefaces with xhtml pages.
-Project Z
-JavaEE Thorntail backend (secured with Bearer Token)
-Primefaces UI for backoffice
-React UI for end user

All these projects having similar roles and privileges in their users. We want to add SSO all these project and federate users with configurated privileges.
Project X admin can use some of Project Y’s admin level rest services

I was researched about auth0 user federation but just find one article and referred eBook is uncreachable.
When I check auth0 management pages i can create regular applications and also define API’s

So is there any guide about my problem or any referred document similar to my case.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @abozdemir

You can find a lot of information about Auth0 SSO, and that will get you started.

This is fairly complex situation: client credentials doesn’t really apply to SSO, and you cannot do SSO with password grants, you’ll need to switch to Auth Code or Auth Code + PKCE flow. Auth0 professional services can help: Auth0 Professional Services


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