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Simple SSO with JWT


Hello guys,

I totally got lost in the aut0 documentation and something that I thought should be simple now seems a nightmare.

I want:

  1. To use auth0 as SSO for my application with multiple users
  2. Be redirected to login page and obtain JWT token for a concrete user not an application.
  3. Pass this token to a java spring backend application configured with @PreAuthorize annotation to authorize the logged user.

As simple as it sounds, I can not understand how to do this with auth0.

  1. The APIs with the scopes are created for an application not for a user. Why would I need to authorize a whole application? I need to authorize a single user of this application? I can not understand how this is configured.
  2. I can not understand how to obtain a JWT token when user is logged and can not understand which endpoint to call. I want to use a front end app to get this token and then to pass it to Java backend to validate if user has rights to perform given action?

What am I missing in the whole process? Please help.