Decentralized Identity Authentication

We have a Java Spring Boot app that uses auth0-spring-security-api for JWT based authentication. For the new version of the app, we want to enable decentralized identifiers and I saw Auth0 is a member of DIF, who is implementing the DID Spec.

I wonder if there is already work being done to combine DID-based authentication with Auth0 authentication.

Our plan is to add DID as an optional authentication method besides leaving Auth0 JWT as the standard authentication method.

If this has not been attempted, I wonder if there is anyone from Auth0 who is willing to help with the process so that the results are good enough that can be reused by the community.

Hey there @pepo.ospina, I would be happy to look into this for you and relay what I find. I will keep you posted :+1:

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That would be awesome, thanks!

I wanted to follow up @pepo.ospina and I was able to confirm with our team that it would be very helpful to have this request shared directly with our Product team as this feature isn’t currently available. Please check out this FAQ on submitting feedback and fill out the Feedback form here. It’s important to note that all feedback sent through this form is triaged and read by the Product team (nothing is automated), and the more context you’re able to provide, the better. Thanks for bringing this up!

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