User created by management api don´t receive any emails

Hello community,
I run into following problem:

During the checkout in a webshop we create a user via management api in our tenant and also assign roles. The user can login to the web app - everything is fine. But as soon as as the user wants to reset the password, the user doesn´t receive any e-mails. We are also missing the email for email-verfication. The user and tenant logs shows, that the emails are sent correctly.

We are using a custom smtp provider. Which seems to be correctly set up, as we receive the test mail. Also the custom email templates are activated.

If I create a user direct in our tenant (without management api) everything will work fine. The users receive an verfication link by email and a password reset link as soon as the users requests it.

So I´m wondering what went wrong? Looking at booth users (created manualy and created by management api) I don´t see any differences.

Can you please help us?

Hi @MichaFei

Welcome to the Auth0 Community :wave:

I tested this out and I managed to get the verification email for a user account created via the Management API so it’s strange how it isn’t working for you.

I created an account via the endpoint below:!/Users/post_users


 "email": "",
 "connection": "Username-Password-Authentication",
 "password": "topsecret"

As soon as this POST executed successfully the verification email was received. Can you try creating an account with the same body just to test (different email address)

You could also try manually sending the verification email via the Auth0 Dashboard against the user account:

You should get a log entry with the information below to indicate an email was sent out:

I would also check your stmp server logs to see if an email was received there.

Warm regards.

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Hi @SaqibHussain

Thank you very much for looking into my case :slight_smile:

I tried it with different mail accounts like your suggestion. I don´t understand it, but it worked partially. I have problems with gmail and my own domain, but it works well with other email providers…

I will check the smtp server logs and come back to you.

Again: Thank you very much for your help!

Warm regards