User changes profile data, does a hook get called?

Hi all.

I just wanted to make sure my expectation aligns with reality here. I see that when a user adds themselves to my application, my Post User Registration hook gets called. I see that when they change their password, my Post Change Password hook gets called. This is great.

I was looking for a Post User Modify Profile hook and there doesn’t seem to be one. So I don’t have a good way to (for example) hit my API automatically whenever any user tweaks their own profile. Is that correct?

Therefore, it seems like if I want to make sure I have the user’s most current profile data I should be making the “profile” claim when authenticating. Is that correct?


Hi @catfood

How does a user modify their own profile? There is no hook that is invoked when a user’s profile data changes.


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I’m finding that most of my problems using Auth0 come from my own unstated assumptions about what is and isn’t possible.

Thanks for confirming that I don’t have to deal with unanticipated user profile changes.