Custom hook post-update

In my Auth0 scenario I need to run some hook every time a user has been changed in the user-management. Right now all I can find is post-user-registration hook but not post-user-updated hook.
Is there a reason why this doesn’t exist?

My scenario is this -
If some admin changed the roles of a user, other backend services need to be aware of this, so I would like to send a google pubsub event . I figure the best place to do this is from a Auth0 post… hook


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Hey there @ore!

Not sure what’s the reasoning here. Let me ask it internally and get back to you with an answer!

The reasoning is that we have custom roles, that can be added/changed and other backend services need to be aware of these

for example we have a custom role that changes the response you get from a backend service, it needs to be in real-time and not only when the current token is expired…
Therefor we’d like to notify the backend service that this role has changed

Thanks a lot for providing that context!

I needed to submit an internal support request. Appropriate team is looking into that and I will get back to you once I have any news from them.

I just managed to get the message on that from the

The team is in the process of evaluating our current set of extensibility points (i.e. hooks) and trying to determine if/where there should be more so thank you a lot for that feedback

There isn’t a particular reason this doesn’t exist now. The user could be updated during login by using a rule. The team is doing some work to enhance Rules and Hooks, and we’ll definitely take this feedback into consideration. Thanks!

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