Change User info straight after registration


Looking to make changes to the user (verify their email) after registration…

  • can’t happen on pre-register-hook because If you are updating a user, note that only user_metadata and app_metadata can be changed
  • can’t happen on post-register-hook because you should not attempt to modify the user from the hook itself (for example, using a PATCH call).
  • straight after login, the user doesn’t go through the login flow, so the rules don’t run
  • using Actions is not an option, because we have an enterprise project with lots of custom rules
  • upon callback, the user is not authenticated, so can’t call the management API to update user there

What would be the best place to call this managementAPI function?

Please advise, Thanks.

Why are Actions not an option? This documentation implies that you can use both actions and rules.

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Actions not available in the left side menu.

You shared the link of migration, which is an overkill for one feature… unless there is no way to do this at all

I wasn’t recommending that you migrate all of your rules to actions. I was only showing that the documentation shows you can mix the two; but it is odd that you don’t have the Actions bar at all. What happens when you call this management api endpoint?

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Actions menu not available

what happens if we add managementAPI point inside the hooks?

  • threw extensibility error

the solution we implemented:

  • set a flag inside app_metadata (inside the pre-register hook)
  • read this flag and then call the managementAPI function inside a rule