User cancellation of sign up

Exploring auth0 universal login (in a React app). My app launches the login/signup dialog from a log in button (calling loginWithRedirect()). The app allows some features without requiring login / sign up.

Is it possible for the user to cancel a login or sign up attempt and redirect back to the app if they decide to abort either action? I do not see that as a standard UI element or customization option.

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A cancel button on the Universal Login page is not a standard customization option that I’m aware of, however, the Classic Login Experience has extensive customization options.

To set up the Classic Universal Login, go to the Universal Login settings in your dashboard and select Classic. Then go to the “Login” tab and toggle “Customize Login Page” on. Select “Custom Login Form” from the “DEFAULT TEMPLATES” dropdown.

This form can be customized completely, including adding a “Back” or “Cancel” button.

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