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Hi amazing Auth0 community,

Is there a way to perform a batch update for each user in a specific connection using some sort of extension? I know I can perform that task on my backend through the Management API, I just wondered about the feasibility of achieving this one time task at Auth0 Control Panel through some sort of extension.

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Hi @howard.em!

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Usually the management API is the way to go. What kind of data are you trying to update?

Hi Dan,

We are migrating our User Management API and the new implementation app_metadata model changes in relation to the previous version. We need to provision the app_metadata of existing users with the new attributes we are about to introduce, so we were wondering if a bulk update feature exists in Auth0 (similar to a hook) without having to perform direct HTTP requests to the Management API.

Thanks in advance for your time and help

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That is probably best done via the management API.

You could also do this through a rule, updating users as they log in, but this may not be the right solution for you, depending on your requirements.

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