Working with External APIs

Hi, I am new to Auth0. Can you please help me with these.

  1. How can I secuare an external api using Auth0 in my web application?
  2. How to call an External Authorized API in my web application where Auth0 is integrated? Do i need to add the same external API in the Auth0 API dashboard?

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to visit any of our docs about that before?

Here are just some of them:

Hi thanks for reaching by,

Unfortunately i gone through those but didn’t able to connect.
I posted a ticket for the same with some error details. Can you please follow up on that?


One of our developer support engineers will work with you on that ticket shortly!


Also I would like to know Is it possible to bulk update Users in Auth0 using any API or any otherway?


Yes the management API.

Here’s the endpoint:!/Users/patch_users_by_id

The API will update a single user at a time right. I was thinking of bulk users at a time say 10 or 50. Is it possible?

Sorry didn’t see that part. Then we don’t have the endpoint to achieve that