User browser showing as my app name

I have seen this once before with a different user and both ended up having problems logging in. The browser info for the users shows app%20name%20name 13.0…
The log shows: “user_agent”: “app%20name%20name 13.0.74 / Other 0.0.0”
Both users have been on Safari
Any way to clear this up?

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Hi @emily.
It’s really hard to guess what’s going on without more data about this. Things like:

  • Do you see this happening for other users using Safari?
  • Are these users never able to log in, or idid they succeed after trying again?
  • What does the corresponding log entry in the tenant say?
  • What application type is it? What SDK are you using?
  • Can you capture a .HAR file using Safari’s developer tools, to see what the browser is sending as the user agent?