User blocks (block/unblock users)

How to block & unblock in web apis. i tried but it shows always done
GET method :|5fec7307ea3fc70078775aa6
that shows always blocked for as an empty array
so, i can’t find how to get blocked users

Hello @ashok.k,

Welcome to the Community! Blocked users can be confusing. There two distinct types of “blocks”:

The IP address block only occurs when the user fails login 10 times in a row. When that happens, their source IP will be added to the blocked_for list. The user can still log in from some other IP address. It is just that specific IP that is blocked. If you have the “blocked account” email set up, the user will get an email allowing them to unblock themselves.

The global account block can only be triggered via the management API (or services using the management API) and the user is completely blocked from logging in.

It sounds like you are looking for the blocked property, not the blocked_for list of blocked IP addresses.


Thank you so much mark.Now i need to add in source IP at blocked for. where i need to go for user login

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