Use of unverified_claims in django api quickstart doesnt work


On the quickstart - . It has some example code::

import jwt


            token = get_token_auth_header(args[0])
            unverified_claims = jwt.get_unverified_claims(token)
            token_scopes = unverified_claims["scope"].split()

Now the module jwt does not have a function get_unverified_claims (it does have get_unverified_header) but jose does, so I changed it to::

from jose import jwt

Now it fails on the next line with::

jose.exceptions.JWTError: Error decoding token claims.

Token looks like this::


Before I go any further, can anyone confirm whether this code should use the jwt module and be called get_unverified_header or whether it should be using jose, and if jose, where the problem might be?

Hi Phoebe,

The token you have is an opaque token, not JWT token, which is why the jose module cannot decode it. More about the 2 types of token:

To get a JWT access token, you need to pass the audience parameter while you make the authorization request to get the access token.

If you used the Django Webapp Quickstart to get the access token, you can add the AUTH0_AUDIENCE parameter to the .env file:


and specify the scope in # webappexample\ file as below:

# webappexample\ 


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