Get jwt Bearer Token after Login via Auth0


i followed this auth0 tutorial successfully, to integrate a log in functionality to a django application. Now i want to get a jwt Bearer token after a user logs in, to call a REST API, which accepts that token for authorization.

My question is: How do i obtain that token?

I managed to find an access token under
access_token = user.social_auth.get(provider=‘auth0’).extra_data[‘access_token’]
but it is not a jwt token.

Hi @niko_bele,

It sounds like you might be getting an opaque access token back as you have not specified an audience. This opaque token is designed to be only used with the Auth0 /userinfo endpoint and cannot be validated by other APIs.

For a custom API, make sure you have specified the API identifier as the audience in your authorize request -
With a valid audience you should see a JWT access token, if you are using the Quickstart you should be able to set this by adding a line to the .env file:

If you haven’t already, you should add your API to your Auth0 tenant like shown here, this will allow Auth0 to generate tokens meant for your API.

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Hello @sgo

adding the audience solved the issue. Thank you very much.

I am extracting the token like this:


is it possible to extract the id_token as jwt in a similiar way?

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