Use http protocol

Hello community.

I downloaded the example solution which uses http protocol in the Allowed Callback URLs: http://localhost:3000/callback

This example solution runs as expected.

My project is currently in dev and also currently uses the http protocol, but I get an error: IDX20108: The address specified ‘[PII is hidden]’ is not valid as per HTTPS scheme. Please specify an https address for security reasons. If you want to test with http address, set the RequireHttps property on IDocumentRetriever to false.
Parameter name: address

So the error says what I should do, but I’m not seeing where this setting resides. Could someone please point me to the location of this setting so I can change it?


Sorry community…

I was missing the web config keys.

Thanks anyway.

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Glad you have eventually figured it out and thanks for sharing with the rest of community!

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