Private IP addresses at Allowed Callback Urls

We want to use Auth0 in an Angular application to authenticate users. The problem is that all our users connect to the Web Application through the Private IP address in which the server is located in their private network. How would it be possible to allow any Redirect Callback URL that follows the format of an IP address or anything similar? As the client may change the IP address of the web server, there are millions of possible addresses and adding all possibilities to the Allowed Callback URLs list is just impossible.
Thank you very much.

Hi @swpcpec,

I reached out to the team, I’ll let you know when I hear back. Thanks!

Hi @dan.woda ,
Thank you very much for your response. Have you received any kind of response from the team so far? Thanks for your attention.

Sorry for the delay, it appears to have gotten buried. I’ll reach out again. Apologies!

Don´t worry Dan, thanks again for your attention!

It doesn’t appear possible to assign a range of IPs directly.

One of our team members suggested “assign a CNAME or A/AAAA to the IP range and use that”.

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