Use HashiCorp Terraform to Manage Your Auth0 Configuration

How to use HashiCorp Terraform and the Auth0 Provider to maintain your critical infrastructure, including your Auth0 configuration, in code.

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Wohoooo! Finally Terraform and Auth0 integration! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Tip: If you receive a “Wrong email or password” error when you attempt to log in, there’s a chance that you need to disable other connections for your application. Head to your Auth0 Applications Dashboard, click on the “Terraform Secure Express” application, and click the “Connections” tab. Ensure that all connections except the terraform-express-user-db connection are disabled.

Any chance this could be automated via Terraform?

AFAIK, by default new applications are automatically enabled for all connections, which causes this type of problems, which is in itself not super easy to find out the first time (especially for new Auth0 users). If we could setup everything correctly using Terraform, that would be awesome!

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Howdy, Jonathan! Welcome to our Auth0 Community. Let me bring up this question internally with our Product Team to see if they may have any recommendations.

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Thank you for this provider, Alex!

Any way we can manage grants on the auth0 mgmt. API?

Using our Management API you can only get or delete grants:!/Grants/get_grants

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Just to update you :slight_smile: I am still waiting for an answer on your question from our Product team :eyes: I’ve not forgotten.

Thanks Dan!

(FYI, different colleagues of mine tried to use Auth0, following more or less the content of that blog, and they all felt into that “all connections enabled for new clients” trap, each one of them :slight_smile: )

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Jonathan, I got a response for you! This Terraform integration is a collaboration with Alex Kalyvitis. I obtained the following recommendation from our team: The terraform-provider-auth0 Github project is the source of truth for all issues and feedback on the Terraform provider. You may visit the site and file an issue with your request as an enhancement. Let me know what you think, please :slight_smile:

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