"Use Common Endpoint" Azure AD Connector fails

I have been trying to setup a multi-tenant Azure AD login. I’ve setup an auth0 Enterprise Connection for Microsoft Azure AD and provisioned a multi-tenant application in Microsoft Azure AD. In Auth0 I have clicked the “Use Common Endpoint” multiple times and saved the setting successfully. Every time I check the setting it is unchecked.

When I check the URL’s being called by the Auth0 connector I can see that the connector is calling:

It should be using the url Sign in to your account to be setup as a multi-tenant solution.

Any advice on troubleshooting this issue?

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This may be a bug in the dashboard. While I look into that, we should be able to fix this issue with the management API for now:

1- Get the connection’s current state with get a connection API. You may also use get all connections API to get all the connections.

2- Save the JSON returned for the Azure AD connection from the above call. Add useCommonEndpoint: true in the connection JSON’s options field. E.g;

  "options": { 
     "useCommonEndpoint": true,
  }, ...

3- Copy the JSON into update a connection API. Please note you may need to remove certain fields until it successfully patches the connection.

Afterwards, if you navigate to the dashboard the toggle button should be turned on for common endpoint. You can also test the connection with the Try button.

Thanks Kim that was really helpful. I was able to resolve the multi-tenancy issue in Azure AD.

Justin Beals

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