Use @auth0/auth0-spa-js for custom embedded authentication experience

I used the tutorial for the react app to create my first applicaion with auth0. But I needed to add additional fields for the signup. I found a tutorial with auth0-lock that help with that but I wonder if there a way to use auth0-spa-js to embed custom auh0 authentication

Hey there!

What do you mean by custom auth0 authentication precisely?

using Auth0Lock I can add option: additionalSignUpFields
this helps me add new filds in signup form for example to add firstname or adress

Gotchya thanks for providing that context! Let me research auth0-spa-js resources to find out if it’s doable here. Will get back to you shortly!

After a few minutes of digging seems like I found the answer:

thank you for the answer, I think I am getting the idea, I will give it a try tonight

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Perfect! Glad to hear that!

it is working like a charm
many thx

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Perfect! We’re here for you!

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