Upgrading Hosted Login Page

When using the Auth0 Hosted Login Page, can anyone explain the suggested way to make upgrades to it (e.g. new versions of Lock)? Do you need to have a new tenant for this testing? I didn’t see a way to make multiple hosted login pages which would be helpful here.

It would be really nice to be able to have multiple hosted login pages. Another reason for this is that one company may have different styles they’d like to show for hosted login purposes (e.g. subsidiary companies), yet not create multiple tenants. We are also in this boat.

For testing purposes if the preview functionality does not cover all your needs then a separate tenant is something that indeed should be considered; separate tenants are already the recommended approach to have different development environments so an upgrade to the hosted login page could take the same release cycle as other changes and go through development and staging environments before reaching the production one.