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I have two application in one tenant. I want two different custom login screens for them, or let I want one screen to be custom in one app in other I don’t want custom screen. How can I do that. I don’t want to create new tenant for this

Hey there @prashantrai1629, do you mind explaining a little more about your apps and the overall goal? It sounds like you are looking to implement something like our Single Sign On experience. I would recommend giving the doc below a look to see if this is something you would like to accomplish. Please let me know if you have any additional questions as I’m happy to help.

We have two apps Field app and web app. Field app is mobile app and other one is web app we are using same API’s for both but we want different login screen’s (Customize and different Look of both login screens). I am able to customize the screen for field app but that is coming same in webapp.

this we have for field app
this we have for web app.
I want to set different login screen’s for both app. If I am changing in hosted pages login then it is getting changed for both.

I wanted to follow up and let you know that we only support one universal login page per tenant. Embedded logging would be the ideal solution for your use-case but this is only available for paid subscriptions. Please let me know if this helps clarify the situation or if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

Hii James
I have paid subscription. Email is different of that.
I am going to create a new tenant for new login screen. How I am going to manage users then because users and roles should be same for both tenant?

After talking with support @prashantrai1629, there isn’t a way for separate tenants to share roles or a single database. I wanted to clear that up after finding out.

Just an idea: probably not ideal, but you could store your user identities in an external database which could be referenced by both tenants via custom database. It still means, probably, a lot of duplication of effort between the tenants not to mention having to maintain (and secure!) an external user DB of some sort.

Does the use cases allow the use of auth0.js for one of the apps, universal login for the other?

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