Update mfa-widget, find latest version


Currently we’re using customized Universal Login - MFA pages.

The HTML currently references version 1.7

The docs state that, once changing this HTML, these references are no longer updated by Auth0 and need to be maintained by hand.

Where can I find the list of available versions to check if there’s a newer one?

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That’s correct. Let me reach out to appropriate team to find out where versions are listed. Will get back to you soon!

Hi @emiel.koning

Before you follow the following steps… Copy your customized layout somewhere as a backup first

If you click the Reset to default button at the bottom of the custom page, it will insert the latest version automatically but it will also overwrite your custom code so hence backup your layout first. Once you know latest version you can replace it in your code.

Hope it helps


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Thanks a lot for that Jeff!

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