Update google client id without losing users

Can we update the clientId of the existing google social connection without losing all users linked to it?
And will existing users still be able to authenticate after that update?

When trying to remove the social connection you get the warning about permanently losing all users. I only want to try to update the existing social connection when being 100% sure.

Hi @jurgen , welcome to the community!

If you just update the client ID and secret, this will not remove existing users. This would be like moving from the default dev keys Auth0 provides for testing with your own client ID.

Your users on that connection should see a consent screen on their next login, but otherwise should operate as before and will be seen as the same identity by Auth0.


Hi @sgo, thank you for your quick answer.

Do you have an example/screenshot of this consent screen?

I tried updating the Google ClientId in a non production tenant to reproduce this behavior. But there I didn’t get any notification when logging in again with Google.

We updated the clientId & secret now and didn’t get any consent screen on a new login.
Also, while doing this change, logged in users could continue to work, no new login required. :+1:

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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!

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