Add existing user to database connection (social connection removed)

Hi, On an existing site, I removed the Google Social Connection.
Now users can’t login because they are not in the database connection (it seems).

How can I add existing users to the database connection?


Social connections use the identity provider’s(google in this case) password, which we don’t have access to. The users will need to create a database account with password to perform this migration from my knowledge.

You could export your google users, import them into a custom db without a password, then instruct them to reset passwords.

At some point you will need the users to create a password so that is largely unavoidable when going from a social connection to database.

The other option would be to instruct users to create an account with the same email as their google account and then link the two like this:

Hope this helps!


Hi @dan.woda,
Thanks for the extensive reply, It’s more complicated than I expected. I did’t expect the social connection to be hardcoded in the user account.

In my case it is ok for users to create a new db-account, so I will instruct them.

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Unfortunately it is the nature of social connections, but it can also be their strength.

Let us know if you run into anything along the way.


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