Social connection +Reset Password

Till now:- I have created a website and integrate Auth0 successfully.

Features:- Database Login and Social Login (successfully working), Reset Password(Successfully working) with a website using Auth0.

Requirement:- I want my user to reset its password for its social Login.

For example:- I have a user called Mr. XYZ who logged into website using its fb account. In Auth0, its record gets created with the connection as “Facebook”. After some time, he logouts of the website, and tries to reset the password with the same email as he used for FB login within the website.

Question 1:- In this case, will he be able to get the reset password email?

Question 2:- Can’t it be possible to create entry into database connection instead of facebook/google connection? So that i can reset its password too.

@jmangelo , @prashant , @abhishek.hingnikar :- Can u plz provide me a suggestion, so that I can move forward. Awaiting for a reply.

As noted in the Change Password doc, passwords cannot be reset for social connection users:

You can only change passwords for
users signing in using Database
connections. Users signing in using
Social or Enterprise connections need
to reset their passwords with the
appropriate system.

One option is for each social user, to create a database connection user, and perform Account Linking of the two users. Note however that Account Linking is only available on the Developer plan and above.