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Auth0 identity for a social user on password reset



I am wondering if a user who signed up through a Social connection would be able to use the password reset feature to automatically create an auth0 identity that authenticates through email (provided by their social email) & password and links the two identities. Part of this can be done with the Link & Merge accounts rule provided by Auth0, but if the password reset can’t create an auth0 identity, what would be the best way to accomplish this?


The password reset will not create an email/password identity automatically; as you mentioned, you can link identities so that the same user can authenticate both with social and email/password specific to the service, but you’ll need to do so manually. In addition, for some social connections an email is not available so this is something that you also need to take in consideration.

If you want the ability for a social user to ask for a password reset with success then at the first login of a social user (assuming you have their email) you would have to create the respective email/password identity yourself.


Alright, that makes sense so far. The social integrations I have and others soon will all require email, so I can just make a Rule on first social login. Thanks.