Update Connection using management api

We are using auth0/auth0-PHP: PHP SDK for Auth0 Authentication and Management APIs. (github.com) to create and update enterprise connections
Update a connection | Auth0 Management API v2

The issue that we have found is after updating the connection it doesn’t seem to be updated, we checked the dashboard and it’s updated, but the connection it seems to not be updated. Here’s an example. Our customers can create their connections and update the client’s secrets, identities etc… When they update the data all seems ok checking the dashboard, but only is actually “working”, meaning that auth0 is using, when we go to the dashboard and save that data again.

Do you have any advice or know a fix to this?

Hi @joao6,

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I understand that you’re encountering issues updating your Enterprise connection, specifically with the updates not being applied until you manually save the data again on the dashboard.

In this case, could you confirm if you performed these updates using the auth0-PHP SDK or directly through the Management API?

And could you let me know what happens after updating when you get the connection? Does it show the correct or wrong data?

Finally, could you confirm if your logs show that you updated your connection with the Management API? You can filter for sapi logs to find these results.

hi @rueben.tiow

A sorry for the late reply…

We are using auth0-php sdk and when we update the data displayed on the auth0 dashboard, it is all corrected and updated.

Yep I can confirm that the sapi logs show that the data was updated. That is what make us confused, if is some kind of cache problem or it takes a few minutes to apply the changes

Hi @joao6,

Thanks for the update.

Would you be able to provide a screen recording and code snippets of the code your customers called to create and update the connection? If needed, please send these details to me in a private message. This will help provide insight into the issue.