Unwanted artifacts on login screen

How can I suppress this information from being shown? We just want a clean login page.

Thank you

Hi @raymond.frankulin,

Could you clarify what components you are referring to that you would like to “hide”?

Is there certain text on the screen you would like to hide?

Th information at the top circled.

Hi @raymond.frankulin,

Thanks for the reply.

It seems like the item you circled is the login URL. Is that correct?

If so, were you looking to use a different domain, like a custom domain for your login URL?

While we do have a custom domain and can change the url, we don’t want to show anything on the top…no X, no url, no share icon, no hamburger lines, etc…

We just want to show our login screen…

Hi @raymond.frankulin,

What you want to do is not possible and unsupported due to security reasons and the nature of how web-based authentication works.

Because of that. it won’t be possible to remove those items you mentioned since they are part of the web browser you use on the device.

I hope this helps!


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Wow…that seems short-sighted that auth0 would lock people into a route where they cannot fully control the user experience.

Does the below article offer any solution to this? They are using the custombrowser option of the Auth0Client…

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