Unsupported_response_type: Unsupported response type: link

Hi everyone,

I’m currently looking into initiating a passwordless login using the Passwordless Endpoint.

However, whenever I try to make a request either code or link is set for the code parameter, I’m always getting this error below when clicking the link that was sent to my email:

unsupported_response_type: Unsupported response type: link

Here’s the sample request body:

  "client_id": "aU54GTE3JJd1u***",
  "client_secret": "u_6xyY0I9***3tbXiVrAO-***",
  "connection": "email",
  "email": "testemail@gmail.com",
  "send": "link",
  "authParams": {
    "redirect_uri": "https://sample-domain.com/"

Any thoughts what I’m missing here?

This should be solved. The problem is that the redirect_uri should be whitelisted from the auth0 application that is being used.

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