Unknown error when login with Lock +Social + Facebook

I am trying to get authentication implemented in my iOS (Swift) app using Auth0 as I want to add social integration (Facebook, Google and Instagram). I followed all of the steps on their starter guide. I setup the connections on my Auth0 console, and tested them (click the try button once setup).

However, once a user taps on Login with Facebook/Google/instagram, onError is called and this is the localized description: The operation couldn’t be completed. (Lock.OAuth2AuthenticatableError error 1.)

Furthermore, this error message is briefly displayed after login callback:
![alt text][1]

I have been working on this for the past few days with no luck :frowning: I also could not find that error code anywhere…

.onError(callback: { (error) in
.onAuth { credentials in
// Do something with credentials e.g.: save them.
// Lock will not save these objects for you.
// Lock will dismiss itself automatically by default.
.present(from: self)

Can you see any logs in Auth0 for the login attempts?