Lock widget - username-password auth fails every time, but not social

Hi folks,

Not sure why, but as of today for some reason lock widget does not authenticate users trying to login with username/password. I’ve matched a user and password to our user in our users list. User is not blocked, regular database user.

However when they attempt to login they get a generic error of somethign went wrong. Is it on our end or your end?


Just in case here is the code, social login works, u/p used to work as well, but not anymore for some reason. Sign up also does not seem to have a callback either, just goes to onError (although user gets created in database).

.withOptions {
$0.loginAfterSignup = true
$0.closable = true
$0.oidcConformant = true
$0.allowShowPassword = true
$0.scope = “openid profile email”
$0.passwordManager.enabled = false
.withStyle {
$0.hideTitle = false
$0.titleColor = UIColor.colorPrimary
$0.headerColor = UIColor.white
$0.statusBarHidden = false
$0.statusBarUpdateAnimation = .slide
$0.statusBarStyle = .default
$0.headerCloseIcon = LazyImage(name: “ic_close”)
$0.logo = LazyImage(name: “Icon-40”)
$0.primaryColor = UIColor.colorPrimary
.onSignUp(callback: { (email, attributes) in
print(“on sign up never gets called either”)
.onError(callback: { (error) in
print(“this gets called all the time on sign up, or on u/p login”)
.onAuth { credentials in
self.getProfile(accessToken: credentials.accessToken ?? “”)
.present(from: self)