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I (very) new to all of this and I’m trying to set up central login page for multiple 3rd party applications. I’m starting with Discourse. I was able to get Auth0 to work through selecting a button on the Discourse login. The first time I used it, it directed me to the Auth0 Universal login where I set up an account. After that anytime I go to Discourse if I click the Auth0 button it logs me in.

What I would like to do i direct users to the Auth0 Universal login page, where they can set up an account, log in and get redirected into the Discourse application. I tried linking directly to the login oage (site.auto0.com/authorize) but I get a " Oops!, something went wrong" page instead. Any ideas on how I can get this to work? Thanks.

Hi there @cgcs, we actually collaborated with Discourse on this very topic a while back in the below thread. When you get a chance can you give it a look and let us know if you run into any challenges after verifying the workflow? Thanks!

Thanks for the response @James.Morrison. I actually used that topic to set it up. After following it the Auth0 button shows up on the Discourse login and selecting the Auth0 button directed me to the Auth0 login page to sign up and login. It works without a hitch when starting on the Discourse login page.

What I would like to do is direct users to the Auth0 login page to signup and login. Once they have logged in, ideally they would be directed to Discourse and eventually also be logged in to Teachable.com (fingers crossed on finding a solution there). Right now when I try to link directly to the Auth0 login page It throws an " Oops!, something went wrong" " invalid_request : Invalid parameter: client_id must be a string" error. Any ideas?

When you get a chance @cgcs can you direct message me your tenant name? Thanks!

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Thanks for getting me the tenant name, I will dive into this today and see what I find!

@cgcs Following up here with a question on if you are leveraging the discourse-oauth2-basic plugin on your implementation? Thanks!

@James.Morrison I just confirmed I do have that plugin installed.

I apologize for the long delay :frowning: I wanted to reach out @cgcs and see if you were able to overcome the challenge you were facing? Thanks in advance.

Hey, @James.Morrison. This topic doesn’t mention Discourse, but describes how we’re having trouble getting the logout url to work with Discourse. We’ve added the site URL to the returnURL, but we’re getting an error when we include a returnURL.

Thanks Jay, please share the challenge you’re facing in your own topic and we can work together on the challenge you are facing. We will need you to DM your tenant name and a HAR file capture of the experienced failure to start digging in.

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