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Is there a way to have people sign up and login only through Auth0? I want to disable the Discourse email and password option when users click on the Login or sign up button on Discourse. The plug-in seems to give the option to use Auth0 or the password and email.

Hi @devteam2,

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To disable the Discourse connection from your applications, please navigate to your Dashboard>Authentication>Social>Discourse and click on the Applications tab. And then switch off the Discourse connection for your applications.

After doing so, your end-users will not be able to use the Discourse social connection for authentication.

Please let me know you have any questions. I’d be happy to help.

Thank you.

Hi Reuben,
I meant from the Discourse end. I want them to be directed to my Auth0 login page rather than the option of using Discourse’s email and password login

I don’t want them having this login but be redirected to my universal login page

Hi @devteam2,

To help me understand this situation better, could you please clarify the authentication flow of your users?

And could you elaborate on how these users land on the Discourse Login Page?

Next, can you confirm whether you are using a Discourse Custom Social Connection?

Lastly, could you please tell me which SDK you used for your app?

Thank you.

At the moment I’m using the basic Discourse plugin. If the user clicks on the login with Google it takes them to my custom universal login and redirects them back to my Discourse forum. The thing about the setup in Discourse is it also allows them to log in using the Discourse native login.

Hi @devteam2,

Thank you for your response.

It appears that Auth0 no longer supports the Discourse Plugin but instead is supported by Discourse. See here:

You can follow the instructions outlined by the Discourse documentation on using Auth0 as a login option:

Hoped this helps! Please let me know if there are any questions.

Thank you.

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