Universal Login - provide a last login hint for returning users

Feature: Enable a visual hint for users at login that would indicate which authentication provider (aka social login) they last used

Description: Users often forget which method they signed up/logged in with previously. It would be useful to users to know what their last login method was so that they don’t unnecessarily create new/duplicate accounts.

Tiktok’s login screen illustrates this feature. See attached screenshot.

Use-case: Since enabling social logins on our site, we’ve seen an increase in duplicate accounts which we believe is due in-part to users signing up/logging in via various social login providers and/or email. This can lead to user confusion and degraded metrics. We hypothesize that some users simply forget which login they used previously and may inadvertently choose a new method creating a duplicate account. We can curb some of this by providing a hint on the login screen which indicates which authentication method a user last used.

Hi @david.grumm,

Thanks for feature request!