Universal login - Privacy policy link for existing user sign in

Hi all,

I am using the universal login page for my users to sign into our application. I see in the documentation that it is possible to set a “signUpTerms” combined with a “mustAcceptTerms” to display a privacy policy link during sign up.

However, our business requirement is that this Privacy policy link always be visible to users - regardless of if they are a new user or returning user.

I’ve scoured the documentation and I am not sure how to enable this, any help would be appreciated.


Hey there @Chris.Ward!

Let me check the docs for you and also discuss it with the team to get back with the info shortly!

any update on this? thanks!

Just repinged the responsible team. Should have the answer today!

Relaying the message from Universal Login product manager:

In the new UL it’s not possible to show it. In Classic UL, it can be done by modifying the HTML page or customizing Lock somehow. Adding a link to the HTML page is probably the best approach, you can just customize the HTML and add it.