How to href 'terms of service' and 'privacy policy' in signup

Hey guys, I was looking around the dashboard to link these to our policies, but couldn’t find a way to do so.


Perhaps anyone can advice? Thank you!

Hi @Ahmedie-m,

Are you using classic universal login or new universal login?

Let me know,

It’s the new universal login @dan.woda

There is a signup page text customization option, but I’m not seeing that prompt as an option. I tested it and can’t get that text to appear during signup…

Regardless, you should be able to edit the text in the classic universal login.

@dan.woda Is this a feature that will possibly be implemented soon for the new universal login?

Thank you.

Not that I can find. If you would like to submit a formal feature request that can be done here.

@dan.woda, I have just submitted an official request, but perhaps you would be able to advice on how to do it with the classic login meanwhile?

Thank you.

Sure, it is fairly simple.

Go to your dashboard -> Universal Login -> Login. Here you should see the HTML that is returned when a user hits your hosted signup page.

Add a custom signUpTerms key/value to the languageDictionary. Put this after the dictionary is defined, and before lock is instantiated.

languageDictionary.signUpTerms = '<a href="">This is a clickable link.</a>';
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@dan.woda Thank you very much, this did the trick for me.

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Let us know if there is anything else you run in to.

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