Universal Login prevent Sign Up, but allow invitation acceptance

We are using the Organisation feature, and users must have an organisation to login, which requires the new universal login experience (so we cannot use the classic, or customised login options).

We have our own separate Sign Up form which in the backend uses the Auth0 Management API to create a new organisation and sends an organisation invitation to the user.

We therefore want to disable Sign Ups via Auth0’s form (as this will not add the organisation information that we require before a user can login). However, when we Disabled Sign Ups on the database connection we noticed that this prevents the invitation acceptance link from working.

Instead of being able to input a new password to accept the invitation, the user is told to login to their account, but they are a new user so cannot do so.

How do we prevent SignUp being possible in the Universal Login screen, but still allow the Organisation Invitation acceptance flow to work for brand new users?

Many thanks

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Hi @amngs,

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It looks like this may be a limitation of the product and we could use a feature request. Could you please create one in our Feedback category? Thank you!

Thank you @dan.woda, I have raised as New Universal Login - Allow Sign Up to be disabled but still allow invitation acceptance

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