Possibility to Implement an Invitation Flow using Auth0 Organizations while Disabling Sign-up on a Connection


This article clarifies whether it is possible to implement an invitation flow using Auth0 organizations while disabling sign-up on a connection.


This use case is not supported out of the box. Please leave feedback to the product team to help prioritize this feature.

The following workaround may help in some use cases:

  1. Disabling the signup for the connection and creating the users with the create a user management API.
  2. The new user can then be added to the organization using the add users to the organization management API.
  3. A password reset link can be created with the management API that will work like an invitation.

In the last step, if the application’s default login route is configured, once the user sets their new password, they will be redirected to the login entry URL with the organization ID in the query parameters. The application may then start a new login flow for the user with this organization ID.

Alternatively, it is possible to disable auto-enrollment to the organization upon user signup. With this option, even though users can sign up, they will not have access to the organization until they are invited.