Universal login and browser password managers

I have customers testing out a planned migration from an in-house login page to the Auth0 Universal Login page. Things are looking good except they aren’t able to use their Chrome/Firefox password manager with universal login. They’re complaining that their emails won’t auto populate in the text field.

My guess is this isn’t so much a bug as a feature. Is there any way to disable this behavior so my customers can use password managers again?

We are using the classic UI.

Hey there @sw4d!

Let me ask the product manager for Universal Login to find out what’s the reasoning behind that and get back to you with an answer!

The responsible team is just reviewing that. Will get to you as soon as I get the news!

Obligatory, “Any status change on this query?” request for comment =]

Hey there my fault! Forgot to pass the info from appropriate team.

Based on that:

- allowPasswordAutocomplete {Boolean}: Determines whether the password field will allow autocomplete; setting this to true is required for password manager support and to avoid many cases of adverse behavior. Defaults to false.

It might help using this option. If that doesn’t work then we will need to see the code snippets to inspect what you exactly do there.

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